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Beauty is a health partner

Beauty is a health partner
Beauty is a health partner
Beauty is a health partner

Some of these criteria are necessary for the definition of our beauty, shining skin, dark-glossy hair, scalable body-binding and attractive face. But if you believe that the beauty is only rich, it does not have to do with health, you make a mistake.
Did not your skin become rude and rubishr?
Looking for the right remedy for this?
Does hair fall too much?
 Does hair fall apart and split in the end? Want to get back the shining and amount of hair?
 The fat is deposited in the body, on the stomach, on the low side, in the body?
Tight fitting shirts to wear a dress?
Do you like dieting or join yoga?
Many such youths, girls, men and women are stuck in such questions and beauty related questions.
 Yes, not only women but also those who are professionally employed in the field of public life, admission or marketing professionals want a dominant personality. Especially when there is a lack of time for reasons such as 'green, curry and curry', the effects of stress and inadequately nutritious diet affect the first person's skin-hair beauty.
There is a complaint of malnutrition, loss of hair, hair loss, and lack of enthusiasm in the youth.
Today's girls - women can not take care of themselves while maintaining cleanliness, cooking, and responsibility of children, following the norms of society, with their practice.
In order to meet physical and psychological changes during menstrual period, women need to add foods containing fruits such as fruit, salads, milk, buttermilk and round-pitcher. But due to the lack of adequate care, due to lack of adequate care of the food, and due to the negligent attitude towards her, Hemoglobin, lack of calcium deficiency, sunlight and milk etc. are also found to be deficient in the elements like vitamin D, vitamin B12. This results in skin-hair loss, tingling of hands and feet, and lack of enthusiasm.

Body's symmetry and beauty.

No one wants to build sharp, fleshy and attractive body. Everyone has different stories for their body's inappropriate weight. Most of them say that they were very thin in teenage age, but after that, the burden of education, the time spent fulfilling the responsibilities of family-children-business, did not happen. It is not possible to look after yourself. Each and every person is less worried by the fat that is spreading on the body during the passing period, the fat that is in the body's elasticity. Someone wants to get back to self-esteem by making a quick-fix solution for some wrinkle-looking wrinkle on the face with a white head, with a white head. Yes, self-esteem! It is natural to have skin-hair changes with the passing age. But improper food, such lifestyle changes from a young age to old age, suffers from a small image of the person's own image. If you have the power to accept the change over time, you will have the life you have lived so far! The distressed circumstances, the struggles of life and the hard work towards climbing are finding themselves satisfied. What! Dash in modern times and I do not get frustrated with disappointment!

So what is the likelihood of attractiveness, sharpness?
No If the body's symmetry is maintained then naturally the body's health is good. If the body remains healthy, beauty and enthusiasm of skin and hair will be preserved. We can see this thing in a wrong way. Skin-hair shine is a sign of health. The body's symmetrical and attractive dryness is maintained only when biochemistry processes are run properly. Such as digestion, metabolism, hormones-enzymes, levers, kidneys, heart-like functions, etc.

Usually in the choice of a character, the physical symmetry of the person against a young man is also taken into account by the unknown. Asking a bride to marry, she says that the girl is saying a wedding song to Dada; There is a lot of research that proved to be a scientifically proven matter of the thin cad here mentioned here: 'Kade slimy face blooms sweetly.' According to which the level of measurement of waist and kulha is dependent on the person's attractiveness. Some researches conclude WHR-West hips ratio, that WHR, which is the size of the waist size divided by the size of the castle, such as the 30-inch West, 0.7 or 0.7 females, compared to 38.7 inches by the 38-inch hips. The elasticity and health of those who have the WHR number below 0.9 or 0.9 below the males and females are appropriate. Harmones and metabolism depend on the symmetrical or high proportion of fat deployment on the waist and hips. Female numerical hormones, which have a WHR of 0.7, sign an estrogen-related functioning properly. Such women have a fertility capacity. In the future, they do not have the possibility of diabetes, cardiovascular disease or ovarian cancer. According to the research, men who have 0.9 or fewer marks have a fertility capacity. There is a conclusion that diabetes, heart disease, pest or testicular cancer is less likely.

Apart from this, women who have a BMI-BodyMass index but those who have more than 0.7 in WHR have found that their fertility is low. Thus the body's symmetry is not only visible but also health-conscious.

What to do to maintain health-beauty?
•Find out what suits your nature
•Weight Loss Diet Improperly
•Do notWeight loss should be thin, not weak (pale)
•Get guidance about proteins, calcium, zinc, magnesium, chromium such as nutrients, salts, micronutrients, fruits, vegetables, salads, milk products, chillies, methi, and basil.
•Take the time to plan, manage the lifestyle of stress management.
•Concern for stress and shortness of self and appearance of health does not help. •Live life and enthusiasm with proper advice and treatment.
•Maintain beauty with natural beauty until it is done.
•Avoid Chemicals and Damaging Treatments.
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