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Onion and it's Benefits

Onion is the world's most popular vegetable.

Onion and it's Benefits
Onion and it's Benefits

 Everybody is well aware of being used daily. There are a few types of it. Every kind of effect is similar.

This is an invaluable donation of power in general and white colors. It is used in spices at cooking for years. Used as mixed in syrup.

The sauce is also prepared and is eaten as salad. Onion seeds are black and small. Onions and seeds are onion medicines.

Onions, protein 'salts' are phosphorus and vitamins. It's hot and dry. Onions can be cooked as onions vegetable. Its amount is food.

Onion juice, honey-shaped wheat, honey, 'every twenty-five and twenty-five grams', the silver of two eggs, put them in a bowl, thoroughly thrown them with a spoon and stir for a little while, but after eating it. High quality is a nutrients.

When cutting the onion, do not separate it from its root, but cut it from the upper part, then skip it in a lower place, then stir on the onions and then round the onions. The advantage of cutting round is that the onions will not be grinded and it will be a great resting year. While cutting onion, people complain that tears flow very often when they are chopped and if there is no need to go in front of guests suddenly enough embarrassment occurs.

One solution is that Put the onions in a polythene bag and keep it in the refrigerator - if you have to cook at noon, keep it in the knees on the fridge and then will cut it in the afternoon, do not tears with your eyes. Will be If you have already forgotten to keep onions on the onion refrigerator, there is nothing to worry, you should put onions in polythene bags and put them in the freezer when the onions cool cool and then cut them out.

If you also wish that when you cut the onions, you do not get smokeless by hand, for this problem, you should do so when the onion is cut, the onion will not be bad in the same way by putting onions in cold water.

If you want to drink onion or oil in the oil, then the onion looks worse and more evil; first, keep it in milk for a while, but keep in mind that onions should be chopped, after a while onion Take milk After milking, turn it on and dry it. In this way the year will be very tasteful and people will appreciate your cooked food.

In the rainy season, the bulbs or tubes often collect large-scale insects that will have a lot of trouble and it becomes difficult to sleep in the night if you cut a round piece on the bulb with a thread tied over the bulb. If the hanging is hanged, the wings will not be bugs. If a bite or a poisonous beast is cut off, take out the amount of onion, and put it on a sliced ​​place and eat some onion; Will be When it gets stuck in the body and goes into it so that even if you do not get out of effort, do not panic and take onion and cut it and combine it with both of them. The fork will come out automatically.

It is said that the old man said, "If you save a baby or a sheep then put onion water there." The pain will get away and the poison will not affect itself. If the onion or any trash is consumed onion, it can not take too much heat in the sun. Put the onion and cover the head and rotate the head wherever you want. If you like, take out the juice and then drink it. Doing a few times will make full break. Mixing juice on the goose gives rest to the kernel.

Onions are a common household. This is an important component of the year. Apart from nutritional benefits, medicines are also beneficial. Protecting poisonous effects and immune from diseases.
Plasma, etc.

At the time of epidemiology, cut the onions in a vinegar and add them to the vinegar or add lime juice with food.

Protecting the Lord Mix the pepper juice and lime water to one patient with a stomach patient, feed it with a three-three hour break from the deadly disease. The use of onions during the past saves them from their bad effects. Keeping its smell is also useful for protecting from iron. Pearls juice, honeybecs, oats, 'one and twenty five, five grams' 'silver of two eggs' put them in a bowl and thoroughly thrown them with a spoon. Eat the stove on the straw.
High-quality nutrients are nutritious medicine. The juice of pizza is mixed with a mixture of honey in one of the teas, and it becomes a little bit warmer and it starts eating. If the onions are mixed and they are eaten, they do not feel too hot in the sun. Mixing juice juice helps relaxation in the orchard. Due to the onion of water on the spot of the drainage, the hair stops closing and the gray hair grows again. Onions of juice juice join bones.

 The old ruler of the science medicine has written numerous benefits of onions. 

1- Putting onions in dissolve and dissolving for Um, healing in place in a semi-hot condition causes healing.

2- In a state of unconsciousness, cutting onions can cure patients with their sharp smell. Especially for anxious urge patients.

3- Potentially speaking, the onion is used by boiling onions in the water.

4- Onions are inverted. The use of it can be broken by slipping and slipping.

5- The use of onion water (25 ml) in the hip is beneficial to use 1 toka lime water. Feeding

6-onion juice 4 to 7 teaspoons increases the poison of the child. Similarly, leaping onion and grinding it on a cropped place does not cause swelling.

7- Helps make sound sound. 8- It is also a bacterium. Germs are destroyed if peeled on the floor.

9- Acne mixing in the ear ears cleanses the ears of the ears

10- By eating adequately onions, the human face gets red and the face of the moon is disappeared.

11- To remove urine inflammation, absorb urine in half a kilogram of water when it is a pie and should be checked and feeded.

12- Massage of onion juice causes heat and drainage.

13- If fried beans are tied on straps, they cook them quickly and get healthy.

14- By cooking with onion coarse, cinnamon material is removed and cleanses the cord.

15- Mix the juice juice and honey in the drainage of Ziq-ul-Fitr (aha), mix one-soda saucebird and five teeth. Use a single spoon in the morning and evening.

16- Going into the eye, 'Creating a trap', visually visually improves, or when the eyes are darkened in front of eyes, it is beneficial to make eye juice mixed with honey. This also causes eye pain and illness.

17- Eating raw onions stomach insects die. For example, it should be used for a period of four days.

18- The onion is very useful for liver and fatigue. Shifts from a few days of use.

19- After finishing the body, after removing the onion of water, it goes away from the eyes and stops the initial condition.

20- Drinking onion and choleraji, drink it full of rice and drinking the dung is due to dental pain.

21- Smoking onions reduces pain.

22- Mixed juices of honey and honey on the head stop heading hair.

23- Rubbing the onion throat thoroughly on the throat, causing lipular digestion. Similarly, it is beneficial to cure by eating rubbish and sugar and rubbing onions.

24- Fear in the place of Ghor to be red. Then grinding the onions, mixing honey comes out again, but this process must be done forty days three days a day.

25- Onion feed opens open skin and poisonous substances are removed.

26- If the flavors are flattened and they are unhealthy due to lack of bleeding, it is beneficial to bind the onions in the fire.

27- Using a week saffron onions is far away.

28- Daily spoon (10 ml) onion diarrhea is extremely beneficial.

29- Due to frequent use of a few times after eating onion rain in the rain, many infections did not pass.

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