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Apple benefits for health

Apple benefits for health

Apple benefits for health pro tip
Apple benefits for health pro 

As the saying goes: "Eat an apple a day, the doctor is away from me." Apple has a variety of health effects. Eating an apple every day can benefit you a lot. Let's take a look at the 16 benefits of eating apples every day!

First apple benefit for health is anti-cancer.
Research by Hirosaki University in Japan confirmed that polyphenols in apples can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. A Finnish study is even more exciting: the flavonoids contained in apples are highly effective antioxidants, not only the best vascular cleansers, but also the nemesis of cancer. A recent study by the French National Institute of Health Medicine shows that proanthocyanidins in apples can prevent colon cancer.

• Second apple benefit for health is maintain the body electrolytes.
Apple contains more potassium, which can be combined with excess sodium in the body to excrete it. When the body consumes too much sodium, eating some apples helps to balance the electrolytes in the body.

• Third Apple benefit for health is lose weight.
Apple, because it contains all kinds of essential amino acids, proteins, various vitamins, minerals and carotene, can basically meet the needs of the human body, and is easy to digest and absorb.

• Forth apple benefit for health is blood production.
Iron must be absorbed under acidic conditions and in the presence of vitamin C, so eating apples has a good preventive effect on iron deficiency anemia.

Fifth Apple benefit for health is anti-oxidation.
Cornell University's research team dipped the brain cells of mice into a liquid containing quercetin and vitamin C, and found that the antioxidant capacity of brain cells was significantly enhanced. Compared with other vegetables and fruits, the cockroach contained in apples is the best. Therefore, for patients with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's syndrome, apple is the best food.

• Sixth Apple benefit for health is the
protection of heart.
Eating apples can help "dissolve" the "culprit" in the blood vessels that causes heart disease - blood clots. A study by the University of California at Davis shows that eating two apples a day or a cup of pure apple juice can reduce the amount of "bad cholesterol" in the blood and prevent arterial embolism.
A European study also showed that people who ate apples had a 40% lower risk of developing myocardial infarction than those who did not.

• Seventh  Apple benefit for health is prevention of constipation.
Put the apples into the water and boil them. After cooking, they will be served with water, and the baby's stool will become soft and smooth again.

• Eighth Apple benefit for health is  whitening beauty.
The crude fiber in apple can promote gastrointestinal motility, and is rich in trace elements such as iron and zinc, which can make the skin fine and lustrous, and play a role in beauty slimming.

• Ninth  Apple benefit for health is   clean the mouth.
Organic acids and fruit acids in apples can kill bacteria in the mouth and protect teeth from tooth decay and gingivitis.

• Tenth Apple benefit for health is  delay aging.
Apple is rich in magnesium, which can make the skin rosy, elastic and elastic, and delay aging.

• Eleventh  Apple benefit for health is strengthen the bones.
Apple contains boron and manganese, the mineral elements that strengthen bone. A study in the United States found that boron can significantly increase the concentration of estrogen and other compounds in the blood, which can effectively prevent calcium loss. Medical experts believe that if menopausal women can consume 3 grams of boron per day, their calcium loss rate can be reduced by 46%. Menopausal women eat more apples, which is beneficial to the absorption and utilization of calcium and prevent osteoporosis.

• Twelvth Apple benefit for health is  deep sleep.
Chinese medicine believes that apples are sweet and cool, and the function is to moisturize the lungs, nourish the brain and nourish the blood, soothe the nerves, relieve the troubles of the summer, appetite and digestion, and sober up. Whether it is the heart and spleen deficiency, Yin Huowang, liver and gallbladder or insomnia caused by insomnia have a good effect.

• Thirteenth Apple benefit for health is  Lower cholesterol.
French researchers have found that eating apples can reduce blood cholesterol levels, increase bile secretion and bile acid function, and prevent cholesterol from forming gallstones in bile. Experiments have found that more than 50% of people who eat apples regularly have 10% lower cholesterol than those who don't.

• Fourteenth Apple benefit for health is   prevention of rickets.
Apples are rich in minerals and vitamins. Infants often eat apples to prevent rickets.

• Fifteenth Apple benefit for health is  improve immunity.
Eating apples can stimulate the production of antibodies and white blood cells and enhance disease resistance.

• Sixteenth Apple benefit for health is smell apple aroma to ease anxiety.

Apple's aroma is a good medicine for treating depression and depression. After many experiments, experts have found that among many odors, apple's aroma has the greatest psychological impact on people, and it has obvious effects of eliminating psychological depression.

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