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What is physical health

What is physical health and the importance of maintaining good health?

What is physical health
What is physical health

Health means that a person is in good shape in terms of physical, mental and social aspects. Health includes two aspects: First, the main organs have no disease, the body shape is well developed, the body shape is uniform, the human body system has good physiological functions, and has strong physical activity and labor ability, which is the most basic for health. The second requirement is strong resistance to disease, ability to adapt to environmental changes, various physiological stimuli and the role of pathogenic factors on the body. The traditional concept of health is "no disease is health", modern people's health concept is overall health, the World Health Organization puts forward that "health is not only the body without disease, but also has mental health, social adaptation and morality." Therefore, the health content of modern people includes: physical health, mental health, mental health, social health, intellectual health, moral health, environmental health and so on. Health is the basic right of people. Health is the first wealth of life.

13 recognized symbols of physical health around the world : 

• dynamic, enterprising; 
• heerful and energetic; 
• normal height and weight; 
• maintaining normal body temperature, pulse and breathing (body temperature 37 ° C; pulse 72 times / min; breathing baby 45 times / min, 25 times / min 6 years old, 18 times / min 15 ~ 25 years old, increased age); 
• strong appetite; 
• bright eyes and pink eye mask; 
• not easy to get sick, adequately tolerant to epidemics Force; 
• normal bowel movements; 
• light red tongue, no thick tongue coating; 
• healthy gums and oral mucosa; 
• smooth skin flexible and elastic, healthy complexion; 
•smooth shiny hair; 
• nails firm and reddish.

 The meaning of modern physical health 

 The meaning of modern health is not only that the body refers to the body without disease. According to the interpretation of the World Health Organization: Health refers not only to the presence or absence of a disease or weakness in a person’s body, but to a person’s physical and psychological The state of perfection in society and society is a relatively complete scientific concept of modern health. 
  The meaning of modern health is diverse and extensive, including physical, psychological and social adaptation. Social adaptation depends on the physical and psychological quality. Mental health is the spiritual pillar of physical health, and physical health is the material basis of mental health. A good emotional state can make the physiological function at its best, and vice versa, it will reduce or destroy a certain function and cause disease. Changes in physical condition may bring about corresponding psychological problems. Physical defects, diseases, especially dysentery, often cause people to have negative emotions such as troubles, anxiety, anxiety, depression, etc., leading to various abnormal psychological states. As a person of physical and mental unity, body and mind are two aspects that are closely interdependent. 
  Maintain the five cornerstones of physical health: 

•balanced diet, 
•moderate exercise,
•smoking cessation, 
•alcohol cancellation, 
•mental health.